Laurie Pitcher’s business Sealskin Treasures was featured in a recent two part Telegram article on products made provincially from the sealing industry by home based businesses.

“In two separate outports, in different parts of the island, skilled seamstresses are sewing up success with home-based businesses.

Family owned and operated businesses have been an important part of Newfoundland’s economy for decades, especially in outport communities.

Whether it’s a small corner store, a carpet shop or a fishing vessel, it’s the family businesses that continues to thrive because of a “support local” mentality.

In the small fishing town of Heart’s Content in Trinity Bay, Laurie Pitcher has built a family business based on her passion.

Laurie loves to sew using traditional materials like silks, satins and other fabrics generally used for formal attire. But a request for a sealskin jacket from her husband Lindo Pitcher two years ago opened up a brand new world of opportunities.”

Telegram (Text and photos are Copyright TC Media © 2015)